Cured  (Horror/Comedy)
After a zombie virus is cured, a “reheat” struggles to reintegrate into a society that’s been torn apart…by being torn apart.

Best Men  (Comedy)
Hoping to reconnect with his older brother, a struggling writer must overcome differences with his eccentric co-best man in order to throw a bachelor party for the ages.

Joe’s Big Toe  (Action/Comedy)
When his old boss tracks him down to settle a debt, a retired mercenary returns to action in order to survive – and more importantly, get his toe back.

Thirsty Thursday  (Horror/Comedy)
Bitten by a vampire, a young alcoholic struggles to control his new habit by stealing from his ex-girlfriend’s blood drive. When she’s kidnapped by the fraternity that turned him, he’s forced to mount a rescue mission or risk losing more than just his humanity to the thirst.

The Trip  (Comedy)
After waking up in the past, a young man struggles to find a way back to his own time before falling prey to witch-hunting villagers. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize he’s in a living history park – tripping on acid.

Weird Case Scenario  (Comedy)
While investigating murder in a small town, a reluctant paranormal expert must overcome differences with his fellow agents and discover the source of ghostly activity before he and his team end up on the other side. 

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